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Nigerian Chicken Curry Sauce



Nigerian Chicken Curry Sauce1

Just as the name implies, it’s a Nigerian version of the western chicken curry soup, which has gravy like consistency and look.

What makes this different is that we use vegetables that are common to us, corn flour or flour for thickens and trust me it’s so delicious and a great alternative for our tomatoes based stews and sauces.

I put my own twist on it, this recipe is very easy to make and a great way to eat your vegetables, so let’s get cooking. For this recipe you will need the following


Chicken 8pieces
Curry powder
1 tablespoon corn flour or plain flour
Runner beans
Irish potatoes
3 tablespoon vegetable oil
Green pepper
Red pepper
Salt and seasoning cubes

Nigerian Chicken Curry Sauce1 Nigerian Chicken Curry Sauce1 Nigerian Chicken Curry Sauce1Directions

Wash and boil your chicken like I have done in the picture below with salt, seasoning, curry powder, thyme, ginger and garlic, I prefer to use chicken stock in making my curry than just plain water, it makes it more flavorful .

 Slice your carrots into circles not to thick or too thin.

Wash and peel your potatoes, cut it up in sizeable chunks, slice your red and green peppers plus runner beans and then mince your garlic and ginger.

After the chicken has boiled for about 10minutes, take it out and sieve the stock then set aside.

In a clean pot add your vegetable oil on low heat and gently sauté your onions, garlic, ginger and curry, till it’s softened.

Add the carrots and potatoes to the onion mix and stir to combine, the flavors right now will just make you hungry! Allow these to cook together for just 2minutes while constantly stirring.

Nigerian Chicken Curry Sauce1Now is the time to add your chicken stock and cover to boil till the carrots and potatoes are soft but still crunchy, add in the peppers, runner beans and chicken taste for salt and seasoning and adjust accordingly, allow these to cook together for 5minutes.

Take your corn flour or plain flour and mix with 3tablespoons of water, gently stir this into the pot to help thicken the sauce, be careful not to pour in all the flour mix at once or your sauce might get too thick( if it gets too thick just add a little water and you will be fine).

Cook this for another 3minutes and your Nigerian Chicken Curry sauce is readily yes drum rolls right now.

 Serve this yummy dish with rice or pasta, I served mine with rice and enjoy.

Please leave me your comments, let me know if you tried it out and if you had any difficulty with the recipe. Follow me on Instagram and also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, see you guys in my next post.


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Banga Rice recipe – Nigerian palm nut rice



Banga Rice recipe - Nigerian palm nut rice

Banga rice is completely different from the native jollof rice and even tastier. Rice is one of the most staple foods you will find in Nigerian homes, and we sure have so many ways to prepare it deliciously.

The secret to the perfect Banga rice is to use fresh Banga juice (visit my YouTube channel for a video on how to extract Banga juice from fresh palm nuts, and remember to subscribe) and fresh Banga spices, lots of onion, crayfish and smoked fish, but please feel free to use the store bought ones if that’s what you can find.

 For this recipe you will need the following and you can also adjust these ingredients to your liking.


3cups rice
4cups Banga juice
Ground crayfish 3tablespoon
Smoked fish
Red onions 2big ones
Habanero pepper
Yellow pepper
Banga spices 1tablespoon
Seasoning cubes
Stock fish
Scent leaves


Pour your Banga juice into a large pot and bring to boil, wash your rice and add to the pot, put some salt to taste and cover to boil.

Dice up on onion ball and add to the rice that’s already cooking. Wash your stock fish and add it to the rice as well.

Blend your peppers with onions, uncover your rice and add the smoked fish (wash and debone it), the pepper blend, crayfish and the seasoning cubes, taste to make sure you have added enough, you don’t want to overpower the original taste of the Banga, allow this to cook till the rice is soft which should be about 20minutes then you can add the Banga spices, stir very well to combine cover and allow to cook for another 10 minutes.

Once the rice is almost dry add your scent leaves that you have chopped and washed to the rice, stir it well into you rice, which by this time its aroma is disturbing the neighborhood.

Turn off your cooker once the rice starts to dry up and stir very well, serve with your choice of protein and drink.

And that’s your Banga rice recipe guys, it’s so easy and a one pot meal that you can make any time for yourself and your family, please try it out guys and let me know what you think.

Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel yet? What are you waiting for? Please subscribe so you are always first to get my nails recipe videos, marriage and relationship talk every week.

Thank you so much for reading, I will be reading and replying to your comments. Xoxo

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Banana and cookie crumbles ice cream (best homemade ice cream)



Banana and cookie crumbles ice cream1

Ice creams are so sweet and delicious that one can never get enough of it, and the idea of making it in the comfort of your home is simply amazing!

Just the thought of opening your freezer and having ice cream ready anytime you want it, especially on a hot sunny day is one reason why you should consider making it at home.

Banana and cookie crumbles ice cream1The one thing that scares people off from making ice cream at home is the fear of it not coming out right and having to get so many ingredients and so on.

But what if I tell you that you can make ice cream with just 3ingredients! Yes you read that right, 3ingredient ice cream with no need for an ice cream machine; funny thing is you might already have these ingredients in your kitchen.

This is my first attempt at ice cream making, as it was hubby’s birthday over the weekend I just wanted to try something different, so I whipped up this yummy banana and cookie crumbles ice cream that came out so good and left me feeling like a pro. So for this recipe you will need the following


1) 6 meduim ripe bananasBanana and cookie crumbles ice cream1

2) 1 cup full cream milk

3) 5 tablespoon sugar

4) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

5) A pack of cookies


Peel and cut up your bananas into circles and freeze them in a Ziploc bag till they are frozen. Bring them out of the freezer and place in a blender with the milk, sugar and vanilla.

Blend till its super smooth, please resist the temptation to dip a spoon in and lick some, just scoop it all out and place in a bowl with cover, allow this to sit in the freezer till its semi frozen.

Bring it out and crumbled up any cookies of your choice (I used Oreos) into the ice cream and mix to combine.

Keep in the freezer till its frozen and firm, serve with your choice of toppings or just on its own.

Try out this recipe and don’t forget to leave me your comments in the comments section.

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Soft bread rolls recipe (breakfast bread)



Soft bread rolls recipe1

Bread is a staple food in most homes all over the world, it’s a must have for breakfast in most homes and also for dinner, nothing beats the taste of freshly baked bread, its warm,buttery,soft and so so delicious.

As common as it is, not everyone knows how to make it at home, I guess just the thought of making bread from scratch scares some people, but the truth is that, it’s quite simple and easy to make, and once you have mastered the art of it, you won’t stop making it.

Soft bread rolls recipe1

Benefits of making your own bread are so numerous that when you consider it, you would prefer to make it yourself especially when you have a fail proof recipe like the one am going to be showing you now.

Homemade bread is by far better than store bought, its chemical free (no preservatives), it’s rich, tasty and you are in control of what ingredients go into it! So you see that it makes a whole lot of sense to start making your own bread. So let’s get to it already


6cups flour
1/2cup sugar
1teaspoon salt
3large eggs
2cups warm milk
1/4cup of softened butter
3teaspoon dry active yeast


In a large bowl pour your warm milk (warm not hot) and add your softened butter to it, sprinkle your yeast into the milk (make sure it’s active yeast please) now add your sugar, salt and 2eggs give it a good mix with a whisk and gently add the flour one cup at a time, setting aside 1cup of flour for kneading the dough.

Soft bread rolls recipe1After you mixing in the flour and you have a soft, sticky dough, flour a smooth surface and turn the dough onto the floured surface and knead gently, it will be sticky so just keep adding little flour( make sure you don’t get tempted to use too much flour while kneading or your bread will be strong not soft) knead for 8-10minutes and then place the dough in a deep large bowl, cover with a kitchen towel and allow to rise for 1hour, that’s enough time for it to double or triple in size.

Soft bread rolls recipe1After one hour, uncover the dough and punch it release all the air, transfer the dough onto a floured surface and knead again for 5minutes, after kneading, cut the dough into ten or more parts depending on how large or small you want your bread rolls, make each cut out into a ball by rolling it in circular motion till you get a ball shape formed.

Take a baking sheet that has been buttered or sprayed with cooking spray and line your rolls into it. Now turn on your oven to 275degrees, now take a kitchen towel and cover the dough to allow it rise for another 30minutes.

Soft bread rolls recipe1After 30minutes, uncover the dough, crack the remaining 1egg into a bowl and add 2tablespoon of water, mix and gently brush this egg wash all over the dough, place the baking sheet into your oven that had been hearing up and allow this to bake for 30minutes until the bread start to have a golden brown colour on top.

Bring out your bread and allow to cool for at least 20minutes before you serve. It’s this easy and straight forward. Try it out and as usual leave me your comments.

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