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Fashion: Valentine Day Inspired Look



Inspired Valentine Looks4

Hello guys, welcome to my very first fashion post on the blog!! They say fashion comes and goes but your style lives forever and that is a fact. I believe that fashion shouldn’t define you or rule you, but your style should, cos that’s what tells who you are without anyone speaking to you, so it’s important that you define your style and know what works best for you and your body type (will discuss that on another post). So today’s post is about looking chic for Valentine’s day, we all know the theme and colour of the day, while some people make it a habit of dressing in an all red outfit and looking like clowns, I believe that there are ways to incorporate the colour into you look and come out stylish.Inspired Valentine Looks4

You don’t have to break the bank to look great or even buy anything new just for one day celebration, the pictures below will show you just how to use wardrobe staples and pull of a chic look.

So for this look I paired an all time favorite and staple, a black pencil skirt with a denim jacket, rolled up the sleeves for that casual look and took the look a top notch by playing up my accessories with the colour red.

My hair was wrapped in a high bun with a scarf tied to give me an extra dose of girl next door kind of look. As you can see here, my earrings and bag is all the pop of colour I need to scream Valentine without overdoing things, I kept my shoes in a nude colour to tone things down. Less is always more if you are in doubt of what to wear, just keep it simple and let your accessories speak for you.

Inspired Valentine Looks

This look can be pulled off by any body type or size and you will feel much more confident going out for a fun day. One rule you should use when dressing up it to have fun while at it, this look is perfect for a date night, hang out with the girls or even a family outing with the kids, it’s simple and chic all at the same time. Let me hear your feedback in the comments section. See you in my next post

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