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About Every Woman’s Blog

Everywomansblog is a motherhood, food, fashion, and lifestyle blog that is aimed at creating self confidence and self love in the modern day woman. As women our lives are perceived through our fashion, our homes, our kids and lifestyle in general. When a woman is confident it radiates in everything she does, and that’s where this blog comes in.
As a young mum and wife I hope to inspire, educate and encourage women to love themselves regardless of their size, child birth traumatic experiences and what becomes of her body afterwards, creating regular everyday food to yummy recipes and share my journey of motherhood to help every mum out there overcome and deal better with kids.
Am I an expert? A thousand times NO but have I learnt through my own experience? By all means YES. My aim for this blog is for it to be the wellspring for women all over the world to fetch undiluted and pristine inspiration for that next dinner or lunch,to draw inspiration for their personal style/way of life and all things WOMEN.Join me as we explore this exciting voyage called womanhood.
XOXO Joy Etor